The Analytical Advantage
with Elite Discovery

Elite Discovery collaborates closely with both corporate and outside counsel to deliver customized eDiscovery solutions. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence seamlessly integrated into our proprietary workflows, we expedite the discovery process and optimize efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings and providing you with the Analytical Advantage.

Unlock the Analytical Advantage by seamlessly incorporating AI  and analytics at every stage of the discovery process. With Elite Discovery’s Analytical Approach, you gain actionable insights from data faster, enabling you to make informed decisions sooner. Our approach significantly reduces costs and greatly enhances reviewer performance during the most expensive stage of discovery. Experience measurable efficiency improvements, elevate your eDiscovery skills, and gain the Analytical Advantage with Elite Discovery.

72% of business leaders consider artificial intelligence a business advantage.

The three most in-demand skills on are machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing.

AI technologies are projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40% and enable people to make more efficient use of their time.

  • We apply advanced analytics like email threading and suppression, near-duplicate document detection, relationship analysis, conceptual analysis and technology assisted review strategically at various stages to optimize the entire discovery process.

  • We use artificial intelligence, continuous active learning and advanced technologies such as on-the-fly voice-to-text automated transcription, automated foreign language translations and native file redaction features.

  • We assign a litigation technology consultant, project manager and hosted document review analyst dedicated to each matter. Your dedicated team of eDiscovery experts will quickly become an extension of your legal team.

  • We become intimately knowledgeable on each individual matter, case team objectives, and overall strategy as we engineer customized workflows designed specifically for your and your team.

  • We offer specialized expertise and bolster your human capital by providing on-demand access to a team of highly skilled eDiscovery veterans. Our experts are readily available to support your needs and bring their extensive knowledge to the table.

  • We prioritize the utmost security of your data, implementing world-class physical and cyber security measures alongside robust safeguards. Rest assured, your data remains protected at all times under our watchful care.

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