When it comes to eDiscovery, no two cases are ever alike. This means you need a partner flexible enough to adapt to your challenges like the growing volume of electronically stored information and the pressure to operate faster and at a lower cost. Not only is Elite Discovery adaptable, but we also have repeatable processes and superior technology to reduce the time and costs associated with eDiscovery. We can further reduce your eDiscovery costs by helping you implement eDiscovery Managed Services.

eDiscovery Consulting

A dedicated team of experts at Elite Discovery are assigned to your case and will work with you to understand your goals and then map a plan for the entire discovery process, from collection and processing, all the way through to review production. Our experts will help you draft ESI production protocols or consult with you on proposed protocols you received from opposing counsel, to ensure the agreed upon format is to your strategic advantage.

Early Case Assessment

Getting your arms around the processes and data involved in a matter, understanding how to collect it, and deciding how to get it all reviewed can seem intimidating. The ECA experts at Elite Discovery will equip you with the tools and knowledge to reduce your data set and save money on your case. We’ll work with you at the onset of the case, minimize your review set using advanced analytics, and then apply predictive coding to speed up the review process.

Analytics to Minimize Data

Reducing data to a manageable subset helps you both reduce costs and shorten the time involved in document review. We apply advanced analytics like email thread analysis, near-duplicate identification, relationship analysis, conceptual analysis and technology assisted review to achieve your eDiscovery goals. We also offer artificial intelligence, continuous active learning and advanced technologies such as on-the-fly voice-to-text automated transcription and automated foreign language translations features.

Data Processing and Production

Once your data has reached a manageable subset, we will process it and then export it to your internal review platform, a review platform of your choice, or to one of the platforms we offer. Elite Discovery processes data using our industry best practices and can manage almost any file type. We can manage encrypted and password protected files and will work with you to process proprietary software files and nonstandard application files.

Discuss your eDiscovery plan with Elite Discovery experts.


Electronic Discovery Services provided by ALSP’s to Fortune 500 companies has increased from 13% of ALSP’s spend in 2016 to 28% of spend in 2018. Predicted to be over 35% by 2021.

eDiscovery market is estimated to value at approximately $9 Billion in 2018 and is expecting to register CAGR of 10.9% over the forecast period.

If you burned all of the data created in just one day onto DVDs – you could stack them on top of each other and reach the moon – TWICE!

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