At Elite Discovery, we know that during this unprecedented time that litigation must go on.
That is why we want to empower you to utilize our remote technology services to strengthen your business continuity and legal technology needs.
Stay empowered, stay competent, and stay successful by partnering with Elite.
Elite Discovery, Inc. is proud to be an award-winning legal technology services firm. Supporting your global eDiscovery, Hosted Document Review, Managed Attorney Review, Remote Forensics, Depositions needs, and much more.
Survey results suggest that a large portion of the legal profession is poorly equipped to manage a remote workforce for an extended period of time. 

As if instantly, coronavirus has caused competence in technology to soar to a new level of urgency for law firms.

Firms are moving their practice management to the cloud. They have systems in place for collaborating and conferencing online. Elite’s partners are utilizing our remote ESI data processing and forensics as well as our hosted review platforms which means that closing their office may be an inconvenience, but not an interruption. We wish that this were true for all firms, but we all know it is not.

Can you perform eDiscovery tasks and access your ESI data remotely?

For the firms that have slowed in their adoption of technology, for lawyers who have been cautious in learning technology, the coming weeks and months could be a test. Stay evolved in the legal market and partner with Elite for your legal technology needs.

The need to be competent in legal technology is no longer a progressive concern. It is a matter of survival. Allow Elite Discovery to partner, educate, and consult with you to ensure your business continuity is not disrupted during this time. 

Ask yourself this, are you a “tech competent lawyer”?