Elite Earth Day

Elite Celebrates Earth Day

Despite every company’s best effort to go entirely digital, the business world still relies on paper every day. In 2018, the EPA reported that the average office worker generates approximately 2 pounds of paper and paper products every day. While electronic data is taking over, we realize that paper-based evidence is still a very relevant part of litigation.  

As the largest reprographic office for litigation support in North Texas, we maintain our best efforts to keep our company as green and sustainable as possible.  

Here’s some of the steps we take to ensure sustainable management practices:  

Going Digital 

As a legal tech company, we consult with clients to go digital over paper. We can digitize documents to several different file types. We can upload these to any cloud or server-based review platform or external storage devices.  

Read more about Elite’s reprographics and review platforms 

Maintaining Current Inventory  

We maintain a current inventory on physical materials to ensure we aren’t over-buying and only using necessary products.  By minimizing the amount consumed, we are able to minimize waste and be as efficient as possible. Some items that we maintain are relevant to trial binders, trial boards, and depo prep notebooks.  

Purchasing Green Products  

When possible, we use products that are made from recycled materials. One product we use specifically is EarthWise File Folders. These are made from 100% recycled fiber, 100% post-consumer fiber. 

Electronic Transcripts (eTranscripts) 

Elite Depositions Technologies offers a full suite of technology so clients can access their transcripts electronically. When you schedule a deposition with Elite, we create an online office for you, where we host all transcripts and exhibits and manage an interactive calendar.  

Recycling & Green Partnerships with Clients  

At Elite, all confidential and nonconfidential documents are shredded before they are recycled.  

We partner with clients to return binders, tabs, folders, and other items. We then will reuse these products or recycle them if not in a presentable condition. We also offer a discount to these clients to incentivize these sustainable practices.  


Contact us at info@elitediscovery.com about how Elite can help you go green or if you are interested in a green partnership with us!