Information Governance Consulting

Regulatory changes, data security, ethics and compliance with federal and state regulations remain priorities for most companies — and in turn — their legal departments. Cybersecurity, reducing outside legal costs and protecting information continue to be in-house priorities as well. At Elite Discovery, we understand your need to mitigate risks, maintain the corporate reputation, minimize legal and regulatory penalties, and reduce costs.

74% of law firms depend on outsourcing for specialized expertise and for scalability.

KPMG estimates that first-level document review encompasses anywhere between 58% and 90% of total litigation costs.

Maintaining bad data costs US Businesses alone $600 Billion annually.

Today more than ever, corporations are struggling with volumes of information – whether it comes from their own internal systems or from their employees’ devices. Corporations need to offer transparency to C-Suite executives into business practices and offer assurances that information is well-managed to mitigate risk and possible exposure and maintain compliance with internal and external policies.

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