Investigations and Second Requests

Elite Discovery experts and technology offer unsurpassed speed and scalability to respond quickly to investigations and Second Requests and keep transactions on track. Our technology and expertise in applying advanced analytics expedites the review process and our experience helps clients meet production protocols, satisfy substantial compliance requirements and close transactions.

Civil penalties up to $40,000.00 per day can be levied against parties for failure to comply with the HSR act.

The smallest HSR filing fee is $45,000 and the largest is $280,000.

The current threshold requiring an HSR filing is $80.8 million.

Second Requests

The biggest challenge in complying with an HSR Second Request is the expansive amount of highly sensitive data traditionally involved and the very little time the government provides to identify, collect, review and produce data in a defensible and cost-efficient manner in order to certify “substantial compliance”. The format in which the government requests productions is also very specific and leaves no margin of error on such high-profile, fast-moving matters that are critical to a company’s long-term success. As experts in the Second Request process, Elite Discovery works closely with corporate and outside counsel to incorporate proven strategies and cutting-edge technology to ensure compliance is met in the most cost-efficient manner.


Whether your company is facing an investigation, or you are a 3rd party that has received a subpoena for documents related to an investigation, Elite Discovery can assess the subpoena and help you identify, preserve, collect, process, review and produce responsive documents in the specific formats requested to ensure compliance.

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