Managed Attorney Review

For many law firms and corporate legal departments, eDiscovery projects can quickly scale to a size that can be difficult to manage in-house. The volume of data can grow with discovery of new relevant information, staffing can change, or in-house technology does not meet the needs of the case. Your team needs an analytical advantage when tackling these large cases.

Elite Discovery’s managed attorney review services increase accuracy, boost defensibility and lower the cost of document review.

74% of law firms depend on outsourcing for specialized expertise and for scalability.

KPMG estimates that first-level document review encompasses anywhere between 58% and 90% of total litigation costs.

We combine our deep analytical expertise and tools with licensed review attorneys, experienced project managers and current technology to successfully navigate every aspect of a document review – no matter the size or complexity.

When engaging Elite Discovery for managed document review, you will gain:

  • A single source for full case management

  • Support for multiple review technologies

  • Highly trained attorneys from multiple disciplines

  • Customized workflow design and implementation

  • Dedicated review director, analysts and project managers

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Analytics

  • Strategy consulting and reporting

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In-depth Look at Elite’s Managed Attorney Review Services
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