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As the volume of data continues to grow, staffing can change or in-house technology does not meet the needs of the case. For many corporations, the quest to reign in litigation costs and contain their legal spending is a priority of analysis. At Elite Discovery, we focus on strategies that can influence the cost at every stage of the discovery process, especially containing the cost of document review. 

To help you meet these challenges, we’re going to break review down into five subparts and discuss each in this white paper.

As judges begin to clarify and even encourage the use of TAR, clients are beginning to demand it. In this white paper, we help you understand both the technology and the processes involved in creating a defensible discovery process using these TAR technologies.

Legal teams should use metrics to determine if the software is returning too many non-relevant documents or failing to identify a high enough percentage of relevant files. If the review gets off track, clearly defined metrics can also bring it back on track. Along with providing peace of mind, the proper application of metrics will also improve defensibility.

In this white paper, we explain how to understand data sets, determine relevance, create protocols and training materials, and apply them.

Wading through the massive amounts of data typically produced during discovery is an ongoing headache for lawyers. Getting ahead of the data and using it for strategic advantage can sometimes seem like wishful thinking. Fortunately, developments in technology and the law, particularly around technology-assisted review (TAR), now offer the promise of cost-effective, thorough, and defensible data review.

This white paper includes real-world scenarios from various attorneys and eDiscovery professionals and their solutions.

Elite Discovery has perfected a process to combat exploding data sets while controlling costs that incorporates expertise in all aspects of discovery from data preservation to document production. In this case study, we outline a real-life scenario leveraging advanced technologies and proprietary reporting Elite Discovery employed to reduce a large population of data saving the Client substantial time and review cost.

This step-by-step guide provides essential instructions for preparing for your remote data collection. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient data collection process. From initial setup to final data acquisition, this guide covers everything you need to know to gather critical information from remote workstations, cloud services, and mobile devices effectively. Prepare with confidence and optimize your remote data collection with our expert tips and best practices.

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