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A powerful end-to-end solution designed for ease of use and flexibility.

The Reveal platform delivers the most comprehensive set of AI functionality in the legal industry. You can build efficient and scalable AI-powered workflows with seamlessly integrated data visualizations and AI modeling to make informed decisions faster. All with a world-class user experience that puts you at the center of every data decision.

Reveal provides world-class document review technology, underpinned by leading processing, visual analytics, and artificial intelligence, all seamlessly integrated into a single platform for eDiscovery and investigations. This software combines technology and human guidance to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable insight.

AI-driven eDiscovery for everyone

All in on AI

From innovative reusable AI models to ground-breaking generative AI like Ask, from active learning to emotional intelligence — use the industry's most advanced and comprehensive set of AI-powered capabilities to achieve your objectives better.

File to Trial

eDiscovery is more than just review. Elite uses Reveal to enhance the entire process — identify and preserve data where it exists; collect, process, review, and analyze it; produce it and present it at hearings and trials. We can utilize Reveal throughout every phase of a case, from the initial stages to the final resolution, to swiftly locate important information, generate valuable insights, and make pivotal decisions.

A Fit for Every Matter

Looking for a few pieces of information in a small matter? Landed a "fight for the company life" lawsuit? Regularly working on similar cases? With Reveal, handle everything from simple, one-off lawsuits and investigations to the largest multinational, multiparty matters.

Find, Refine, Present Your Story

Whoever tells the most persuasive story wins. By using Reveal's AI technology to find compelling stories in your data, you can then present the most powerful narrative everywhere, from conference rooms to boardrooms, war rooms to courtrooms.

Powerful Search

Using Reveal, Elite puts a broad array of powerful search capabilities at your fingertips. Mix and match keyword, metadata, and concept searches, drawing on the most effective aspects of each. Use AI models to find and prioritize content. Turn to Ask, which combines semantic search and generative AI to locate responsive content and deliver responses in plain language.

Speed to Insight

Every minute counts in an investigation or lawsuit. With Reveal, you can quickly determine what data to preserve, unearth previously unidentified key witnesses, and form fact-based arguments while they are still timely — all at lightning speed.

When using Reveal, our clients receive access to the full suite of functionality in the Reveal platform including legal hold, processing, early case assessment tools, Review,  NexLP AI, and Brainspace. With Elite Discovery’s expertise, users uncover more useful information faster by providing a world-class user experience and patented AI technology that is embedded within every phase of the eDiscovery process.

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Comprehensive Range of Solutions for All Legal Matters

A Platform for Every Need

Electronic Discovery

Interactive data visualizations like Reveal’s Cluster Wheel allow you to rapidly explore your data to quickly identify pockets of relevant content. The Dashboard makes it easy to filter your data by time and custodian. Build custom AI models to help you prioritize  documents for review and get to the most relevant content faster.


Find out who knew what and when quickly with tools like interactive visualizations and Concept Search. For organizations that do lots of the same kind of investigations – such as harassment or discrimination – Reveal offers over 30 out-of-the-box pre-trained models that can be used to jumpstart your investigation.

Early Data Analysis

Use Reveal to make more informed data decisions earlier in your eDiscovery workflow. Quickly categorize, promote, or remove low value data with the industry’s most advanced AI-powered features. Rapidly organize concepts and isolate junk.

Intelligence Mining

Use Reveal to analyze your organization’s dataverse for actionable intelligence and valuable insights. Reveal’s transparent Concept Search finds things that would rather stay hidden, seeing through code names and other obfuscations to get right to the high-value data faster than any other data analytics platform on the planet.

Advanced Analytics

Viewpoint Web offers a full suite of advanced analytics and AI, at no additional cost, powered by dedicated subject matter experts at Elite Discovery.

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