Elite Discovery has researched and vetted technology and employs only the premier eDiscovery platforms available today. We have partnered with the 4 front leaders in technology offerings, Viewpoint, Everlaw, Relativity, and CloudNine.

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With the latest update release in Everlaw, improvements have been around searching for unassigned documents in dynamic assignments.

The Assigned search term has been updated so that searching for the unassigned documents of a dynamic group will return all documents which meet the dynamic assignment’s inclusion criteria, and which have not been assigned in that assignment.

As part of this change, the error messaging has also been updated to let you know when your assignment inclusion criteria is creating an infinite recursive loop. An example of this would be: Both Assignment Group A and B are dynamic. Assignment Group A’s inclusion criteria includes documents assigned in Assignment Group B. Assignment Group B’s inclusion criteria includes documents assigned in Assignment Group A. This type of circular reference would create an infinite recursive loop and you will be prompted to resolve this before the inclusion criteria can be saved.

We’ve also made some changes to the Assigned search term to better reflect the documents these searches return: 

  • “Assigned in ‘X’ (All in group)” will be replaced with “Assigned in ‘X’ (Assigned)”.
  • “Any Group, (All in Group)” will be replaced with the search term “Any Group (Assigned)” and a special term for “Any Static Group (Unassigned)”
  • “Any Group, (Unassigned)” will be replaced with the search term “Any Static Group (Unassigned)”
  • “Assigned in ‘X’ (Unassigned)”, if X is a dynamic group, will be left as is.

Your existing searches will automatically be updated to return the same documents they returned prior to this release. 

CloudNine Review

This release includes customer requested updates to the Viewer in CloudNine Review for a more enhanced experience for records review.

Updated Viewer Experience Updates:

  • Display image documents in one pane for easy scrolling between pages, including single page tiffs or multipage PDFs.
  • Load individual pages to begin review immediately without waiting for the complete record to load.
  • Access more color options for annotations and redactions.
  • Create and store custom redaction reasons to apply instantly on other matter. Projects with redactions applied will still use the current viewer. All other projects or new projects will be upgraded.

Relativity Server

Elite Discovery is upgrading to Server 2022 on Friday, May 13th. We are excited to bring you the latest and most efficient version of the tool.

Some of the updates and enhancements include:

  • Modern, intuitive interface with Aero UI.
  • Active Learning: Precision, Recall, and Richness metrics added
  • Processing:
    • New error remediation workflow
    • File-Level Republish
    • Automatic Deduplication Updates Upon Document Deletion
    • File Type Inclusion and Exclusion
    • Saved Filters on Discovered Files View
  • Short Message Review
    • Improved User Experience and Hovers
    • Read Receipts and Direction (Outgoing or Incoming)
  • Added Search capabilities
  • New authenticator app and two-factor authenticator
  • And more!

We will be releasing more information about the update and its improvements throughout April and May.

Viewpoint Web

If you’ve been keeping up with Elite, then you know how excited we are about the highly anticipated Viewpoint Web. The newest version of Viewpoint offers more flexibility and includes substantial upgrades to enhance the user experience. Reduce the time and effort required to manage the eDiscovery document review process with the new and improved Viewpoint Web.

Do you have an upcoming matter, and you aren’t sure which eDiscovery hosting and review platform to use?

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