Secure Hosted Review Solutions

Elite Discovery has researched and vetted technology and employs only the premier eDiscovery platforms available today. With in-depth knowledge of this eDiscovery technology, data involved in litigation and regulatory matters, and substantive expertise, our eDiscovery experts are incredibly effective at selecting the best technology solution to match your needs.

We look at your long-term litigation strategy, current case objectives and specific technical needs to determine the eDiscovery hosting and review platform that will drive efficiency and reduce cost while meeting stringent standards.

Viewpoint eDiscovery

The Viewpoint™ all-in-one eDiscovery hosting and review platform brings simplicity, ease, and affordability to your legal and compliance projects by enabling you to manage all processes, apply advanced analytics, and utilize predictive coding without extra cost or tools. Elite Discovery is a Premium Gold Certified support company for Viewpoint, which means we adhere to or exceed the company’s standards for customer service, security, and support.

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As data volumes continue to increase exponentially, efficient eDiscovery ensures that key evidence isn’t overlooked in the legal process. Everlaw enables legal teams to discover, reveal, and act on all of the information relevant to a case in a secure, centralized location. As a Certified Partner of Everlaw and a member of their Partner Advisory Council (PAC), Elite can directly convey our clients’ feedback to the source, fostering collaboration to enhance and refine the tool for their benefit. 

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The Reveal platform delivers the most comprehensive set of AI functionality in the legal industry. You can build efficient and scalable AI-powered workflows with seamlessly integrated data visualizations and AI modeling to make informed decisions faster. All with a world-class user experience that puts you at the center of every data decision.

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CloudNine’s eDiscovery hosting and review platforms simplify litigation, investigations, and audits. The platform offers a user-controlled experience for upload, review, and production. CloudNine Review delivers high service levels with all the features and functionality you need, and nothing you don’t.

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Used for every type of case from litigation management to internal investigations and responding to government requests, Relativity reduces your risk and helps control costs associated with identifying, collecting and analyzing electronic information.

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eDiscovery Hosted Review Common Features

All the technology platforms Elite Discovery partners with include features designed to make your review process more efficient and reduce your overall costs.

  • One single eDiscovery hosting and review platform for all processes

  • Defensible data reduction before processing begins

  • Advanced analytics technology

  • Machine learning/predictive coding

  • Filtering and processing of large volumes of data in a fraction of the time

  • Automated document review workflow

  • Cloud-based software as a service

  • Full audit tracking and document history.

eDiscovery Hosted Review Support

Elite Discovery has become one of the nation’s most highly awarded eDiscovery experts because of our client-first focus and the individual support you receive. A team of eDiscovery experts are assigned to each case, with an emphasis on up-front planning to quickly understand the nature of the matter and your objectives. We collaborate with you on strategies that best mitigate risk, optimize efficiencies and reduce costs. Your dedicated Litigation Technology Consultant, Project Manager and Hosted Document Review Analyst are committed to providing our award-winning support around the clock, every day of the week and every week of the year. Additional resources and near-instant expertise is an email away. In fact, our average response time is 12-minutes and 28-seconds across the 102,137 support tickets we’ve resolved. We also offer a complete video training library of tutorial videos that complement our individual training sessions for those clients looking for a quick refresher or to learn at their own pace.

The Elite Discovery team will engineer custom workflows tailored to each matter while integrating advanced analytics to ensure it is the most efficient and effective review process you will ever experience. We apply advanced analytics like email thread analysis and suppression, near-duplicate document identification, relationship analysis, conceptual analysis, and technology-assisted review to achieve your eDiscovery goals. We also offer artificial intelligence, continuous active learning and advanced technologies such as on-the-fly voice-to-text automated transcription and automated foreign language translations features.

74% of law firms depend on outsourcing for specialized expertise and for scalability.

Forbes reports there is 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. An effective litigation strategy must quickly reduce data to a manageable subset to keep costs in check.

Elite Discovery currently manages 21 petabytes of data for our law firm and legal department clients.

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Data Security

At Elite Discovery, we take the security of your important case data very seriously. Our secure and compliant data centers provide you peace-of-mind to know your data and our review applications are always available. Our data centers offer multi-level redundancy in critical areas. Compliance consists of SSAE-16, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and Safe-Harbor. You receive around-the-clock monitoring and instant support from our on-site technicians.

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