How Managed eDiscovery Services reduces your spend, leads to predictable costs, integrates best-in-class technology and extends your resources.

Imagine a world where everything is done for you. Your self-driving car brings you to work. Assistants answer all your emails. Your kids mow the lawn. Kitchen elves magically clean up dinner and put away the dishes.

Managed eDiscovery Services is a lot like this fantasy world, but with the added benefit of reducing your overall litigation budget, too.  Let’s take a closer look at what goes into managed eDiscovery services:

  1. Predictable costs – A good managed eDiscovery services provider will sit down with you at the outset to evaluate your overall volume of litigation, then create a fixed-rate cost that is fair to both parties. You can plan your entire litigation budget around this cost, knowing it will be constant the entire year.
  2. World-class security and safeguards – A good managed eDiscovery services provider should provide better data security than you are able to offer your clients. It is our job to keep your important data safe, and so managed service providers should have invested heavily in data security technology, procedures and policies.
  3. Tailored and scalable solutions – Every firm or corporation has a different litigation strategy, and every case has different needs. A good managed eDiscovery services should be able to provide a tailored strategy that fits your needs and also scale up at a moment’s notice, when you suddenly find a case has blown up with new data.
  4. No new investments in litigation technology – A managed eDiscovery service provider takes over the burden of owning and operating the latest, updated version of any litigation support platform. You should be able to eliminate this line item entirely from your budget.
  5. Expert review – Your managed eDiscovery services provider should employ experienced attorney reviewers who are licensed and have passed rigorous screening and training.
  6. On-demand access to experts – A reliable managed eDiscovery services provider gives you peace of mind so you can go about the job you set out to do: consulting with clients and stakeholders to help them resolve their biggest challenges. Managed eDiscovery services providers employ experts in eDiscovery, and they should be available to you whenever you need them, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  7. Analytics – From tools to reducing large volumes of data, to those that make review more efficient and accurate, your managed eDiscovery services provider should offer the very latest advanced analytics.
  8. Discounts on additional services – If you’re lucky, the managed eDiscovery services provider will be a full-service litigation support company, too, and will offer you discounts on extra services. Have paper documents? Your provider should be able to scan and code them without relying on an outside provider. Is your case going to trial? A good provider will also offer deposition services, trial support and court reporting, too.

Let Elite Discovery review your annual litigation budget and help you determine how to save costs using managed eDiscovery services. Contact us today … and bring on the kitchen elves.