Everlaw Training Videos


Who might be interested:

Users responsible for running searches on Everlaw or users who need to incorporate searches into other workflows (such as creating Assignment Groups or generating Productions).
What you will learn:

An introduction to the basic Document, Review, and Metadata search terms available in Everlaw. How to combine search terms together using logical operators to construct complex searches. How to remove documents from a set of search results using deduplication and add documents to search results using the grouping options.

Learn More About Search

Build complex queries by combining logical containers and search terms through Everlaw's visual search interface.

Content searching is one of the most common ways to find documents. You can use parentheses, AND, OR, and NOT to build complex content searches. Wildcard, proximity, fuzzy, and regular expression searches are also supported.

Review search terms are used to find documents based on review status or applied review product.

Metadata search terms are used to find documents based on their metadata values in Everlaw.

Organize documents into contextually relevant groups directly from the search page and deduplicate and sample the search results.

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