Elite Discovery + Viewpoint

A powerful end-to-end solution designed for ease of use and flexibility.

Viewpoint™ eDiscovery delivers a flexible approach to legal and compliance document review, with analysis designed to help manage litigation, investigations and compliance matters, beginning to end, while addressing the complexities of today’s global electronic discovery landscape. 

Viewpoint platform provides all-in-one eDiscovery software with completely integrated functionality spanning across data collection, pre-processing & processing, ECA, technology-assisted & linear reviews, analysis, production, and case management. 

Elite offers the flexibility and scalability to manage your eDiscovery with Viewpoint in the ways that work best for your organization’s unique requirements and caseload.

You now have the power to choose with Viewpoint and Viewpoint Web. 

Viewpoint eDiscovery Functionality


Viewpoint Collection allows you to identify, filter and collect potentially relevant data directly from their network, servers and data sources like Office365, Google Drive, Twitter, SharePoint and other cloud-based sources of data. 


Viewpoint’s processing engine allows you to filter and process large volumes of data in a fraction of the time it would normally take, so you can review and analyze it sooner for data assessments, Rule 26(f) planning, and analysis before data is posted for review.

Document Review Functionality

Reduce the time and effort required to manage the eDiscovery document review process with the new and improved Viewpoint Web. 

Additional features include:

Assisted Review

Viewpoint’s Assisted Review tool uses AI to accelerate review. Simple to use and completely transparent, it provides a robust audit trail and reporting that shows all decisions made throughout the process.

Assisted review features include: 

Advanced Analytics

Viewpoint Web offers a full suite of advanced analytics and AI, at no additional cost, powered by dedicated subject matter experts at Elite Discovery.

Viewpoint Web

Elite Discovery recently released the highly anticipated Viewpoint Web, your all-in-one eDiscovery upgrade. The newest version of Viewpoint offers more flexibility and includes substantial upgrades to enhance the user experience. Reduce the time and effort required to manage the eDiscovery document review process with the new and improved Viewpoint Web. 

New & Intuitive User Interface


Explicitly designed to optimize the user experience – Viewpoint Web introduces a fresh new look, intuitive interface, and customizable dashboard with visual charts allowing you to analyze trends, statistics, and project activities quickly.

Rapidly analyze trends, statistics, and project activities through interactive charts and graphs displayed on a deeply customizable dashboard.

Dashboard Widgets

The dashboard widgets feature interactive visual charts and graphs, allowing you to analyze trends, statistics, and project activities quickly. Some of the dashboard panels that are featured include:

  • Database/Project Details
  • Review Progress and Cost
  • Data Posted by Date
  • Document Count by Stage
  • Documents by Production Tag
  • Documents by Issue Tag
  • Custodians
  • Documents Posted by Custodian 
  • Documents Tagged by Custodian
  • Top Searched Keywords
  • Documents by File Extension
  • Documents by Date
  • Productions
  • Automation Summary
  • Active Users

What's New in Viewpoint

Using the power of Big Data, AI and Automation, Viewpoint eDiscovery is constantly evolving to help our clients enhance their current experience on matters by identifying trends, identify risks, pinpoint meaningful issues, and foster the strongest legal strategies possible. 

User Interface

Viewpoint Web features a beautifully designed user interface that is visually clean and allows for deep user customization and dynamic dashboard widgets. 

Web Based REview

The platform supports native browser-based review — documents are rendered in your browser without plugins or software installation requirements for users. 


Improved collaboration allows users to easily apply document notes while quickly sending direct document links to other users.

New FAmily Panel

A new family panel identifies related attachments, additional emails in the threads, near duplicative records, and conceptually similar documents.

Automated translations

This new feature allows users to translate documents without leaving their place in review or sending foreign-language documents to a separate workflow.

Legal Hold

With Hold360, users can streamline the litigation hold process and incorporate one-click data preservation across cloud and enterprise applications such as Google Suite and Office 365.

Viewpoint Desktop Application

In classic Viewpoint, the desktop application, power users can leverage the robust features they’re already accustomed to such as processing and case administration—including an intense search capability that’s super-powered to save time.

Web users can log in from their browser and jump right into tasks they need to get work done, whether it’s reviewing documents, running a quick search, creating productions or reporting.

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