The Importance of Integrating Advanced Analytics into Every Review Workflow.

Law firms today are working to deliver more value to their corporate clients, using using the same or fewer resources so they can keep costs in check. Legal departments want to cut costs and reduce risk so they can improve the bottom line while also shielding the company.

With staggering amounts of data involved in eDiscovery, it sometimes feels overwhelming trying to figure out how to accomplish these goals to everyone’s satisfaction. Advanced analytics is the answer.

Advanced analytics offers some amazing time-saving and data-reducing benefits. For instance, it can:

  • Systematically group emails from the same conversation, identify emails with unique text and attachments, detect subject line changes in email threads or the removal or addition of correspondents, and detect where emails are missing altogether.
  • Group documents into families, review near duplicate documents side-by-side, and code large groups of documents across entire near-duplicate families.
  • Search and visually cluster documents by concepts, identify important document groups or topics, and prioritize documents by concept for review.
  • Identify the who, what and when of complex email chains, identify spikes in communications, understand communication patterns, identify privileged domains and spam emails to mass code, and much more.

The experts at Elite Discovery would like to demonstrate to you how advanced analytics can be applied to your data set to reduce document review time and help you save on document hosting. Consult with us today.