What you need to know with the upgrade to Relativity Server 2022

Discover new and enhanced features in Relativity Server 2022 that will help you tackle every phase of your eDiscovery project.

Aero UI

The new version of Relativity comes with the new Aero User Interface, designed for improved speed, functionality, and ease-of-use. Below are more details on the changes you can expect – enhancements, limitations, and best practices.

  • There is no option to switch back to the old UI.
  • There is a new document viewer. The “Relativity Review” document viewer is fast and easy to use, but individual users may be switched back to the “HTML” viewer.
  • Workspace tabs can now be specified to “Show in sidebar” with an icon. Parent tabs can now be nested two-deep before object/external tabs.
  • ActiveX Viewer, Bandwidth Tester, and Document Skip features are depreciated.

New Document Viewer

The viewer has been modernized to offer you faster performance and navigation throughout your review, including faster doc-to-doc speeds and cleaned-up icons and text.

Modernized Platform

The pages have been restyled to look and feel more contemporary, including usability improvement through clearer button definition, fewer items on the screen by default, and more obvious page hierarchy. We’ve also refined our architecture to improve speed and performance across the platform.

New Tab Navigation

In Aero UI, administrators can configure bucket tabs into categories so that users can easily access the tabs they need for a given workflow while leaving other tabs visible only in a new All Tabs menu.


Post-Publish Delete 

Post-publish delete ensures that processing stays updated when documents are deleted from review. If you discovery and publish files into review and then mass delete them from the Documents tab, the Files tab updates to reflect this deletion and post-publish delete occurs.

File-Level Republish

The Processing\Files tab allows you to republish specific files for the purposes of updating metadata, correcting job or document level publish errors, or publishing a subset of newly discovered files after a set was already published.

New Error Remediation Workflow

There is a new error workflow for Relativity Processing that lives in the Processing\Files tab to help streamline the discovery of errors’ root cause and quickly resolve them.

Saved Filters on Discovered Files View

Filters created on the Files tab can now be saved so that you can revisit them at any time, saving time when moving through your Processing workflow.

Short Message Review Improvements

Relativity Server 2022 includes enhancements to short message review capabilities, including highlighting missing timestamps, incomplete data, and edited text. There are new indicators for read receipts and message direction as well.

Improved User Experience and Hovers

There is a new error workflow for Relativity Processing that lives in the Processing\Files tab to help streamline the discovery of errors’ root cause and quickly resolve them.

Read Receipts and Direction

You now can identify the direction of a message from the custodian perspective and any associated read receipts.


Contextual Search Thumbnails

Contextual Search Thumbnails provide the surrounding 100 characters before and after search hits from the in-Viewer search box. This provides you with even more context in your searches and makes it easier to navigate to the most relevant search.

You can now modify STR terms directly on the terms list page, eliminating the need to launch a new modal window for editing terms.

Inline Editing for STR Term Modifications

You can now modify STR terms directly on the terms list page, eliminating the need to launch a new modal window for editing terms.

Additional New Features and Upgrades

PDF Viewer

You are now able to create PDFs that are stored in Relativity’s file table and displayed separately alongside Natives, Images, and Extracted Text in the core reviewer interface. Use the “Store” Action in the Mass PDF menu to create PDFs and store them in Relativity instead of preparing a one-time, offline export.

Export Searchable PDFs

You can now export searchable PDFs from the Relativity Desktop Client by selecting “Export rendered PDF’s” under the Native section in the export dialog.

New Authenticator App Integrations and 2FA Self-Enrollment

There are new integrations with authenticator apps like Google and Microsoft Authenticator, and made the experience for 2-factor authentication more self-service and security.

Two-Step Authentication. Relativity Server 2022

RIP Sync: Saved Search Field Mapping

You can automatically map saved search fields with the click of a button when creating Integration Points for exporting those searches.

Browser Compatibility

Relativity Server 2022 officially supports Microsoft Edge and no longer supports Internet Explorer. For more information on End user browser and operating system requirements, see Relativity’s website here


The following are limitations between the Classic (HTML) Viewer and new Review Interface. These items are not available unless a user toggles back to the Classic Viewer:

  • Viewing Document History in the results pane in cases without Audit installed
  • Filtering within the Analytics results pane
  • Export within the Analytics results pane
  • Mass edit functionality within Analytics results pane (i.e. unable to select individual results)

The following will not be available immediately upon upgrade to Aero UI but will be added in a subsequent release:

  • Replace Natives/Images 
  • Standalone Viewer (from list pages)

The following pages will still work as expected but will not be styled in Aero UI immediately upon upgrade to Aero UI:

  • Legal Hold pages
  • Case Dynamics pages (including Case Dynamics coding panel)
  • Other pages with low traffic

The following features are deprecated with the Aero UI:

  • ActiveX Document Viewer – User accounts with ActiveX set as their Document Viewer preference will be automatically updated to Default during upgrade. Users needing document print capabilities should use the PDF functionality to PDF and then print.
  • Bandwidth Tester in the Viewer
  • For troubleshooting internet connections, users should visit one of many popular bandwidth testing websites.
  • Document skip


PDF Limitations

  • PDFs created from the viewer are named with a unique ID instead of the document control number.
  • The options defined on the PDF profile cannot be modified from the Mass Operation or from the Viewer.
  • The Save as PDF mass operation is not available in the related items pane in the Review Interface.
  • PDF does not integrate with the Password bank. If you try to convert a native document that is password protected, an error occurs.
  • Mass PDF jobs are limited to 10,000 documents or 1,000,000 pages.
    • Best practice is to limit this to smaller chunks around 100,000 pages maximum.


Tab Navigation

The Aero UI changes tab organization in Relativity. Top-level tabs are now on the left-hand side with icons assigned. Your workspaces’ tabs will upgrade automatically, but you can prepare for this by planning your template tabs or key workspace tabs.