Elite Discovery has researched and vetted technology and employs only the premier eDiscovery platforms available today. We have partnered with the 4 front leaders in technology offerings, Viewpoint, Everlaw, Relativity, and CloudNine.

Elite is committed to staying ahead of the curve on all things eDiscovery and legal tech to give our clients the best of the best. See what’s new in the 4 platforms we offer.


Viewpoint Web

Viewpoint has recently rolled out new features and improvements for Viewpoint Web Review 7.5 release. This release will be available on September 5th. 

Web Review

  • Dynamic Views are supported in the WebNew filter options in Web Documents list
  • Can filter and sort Begin Bates (Production), To, Production Tag Color, Production Tag and Issue Tag columns in Web Documents List
  • Selected form now applies to all dashboards and pages
  • Improved the speed in which the home dashboard displays in Web after initially logging in
  • Improved Web image viewer performance by optimizing request to server
  • Improved Web dashboard and file viewing by compressing background Java script files
  • Improved performance for viewing large documents in the Web by upgrading the underlying viewer

Classic Review

  • ‘Display PDFs with Internet Explorer’ replaced with ‘Use WebView2 as Document Viewer’ since IE is being deprecated
  • Added the HasNativeFile column to the Documents panel
  • Improved handling of unsynchronized image and redaction paths

Continuous Active Learning (CAL)

Viewpoint Review CAL

  • New documents can be added to an existing CAL Process
  • Documents skipped during CAL review are added back to the available review population
  • Documents tagged outside of a CAL iteration can be included in a CAL iteration and metrics
  • Added the ability to check-out complete families in CAL
  • Changed CAL check-out quantities to 10, 50 and 100
  • Reinstated minified JS to improve some chart and grid performance in CAL


  • Added ability to process and display the data from Microsoft Teams application export
  • Maximum file size for data ingested via the Web interface is configurable and no longer capped at 50 MB
  • Improved performance for importing large image files

Web Search

  • Custom fields can be searched in Rapid Search
  • Keyword lists available from Rapid Search keyword condition
  • Ability to copy and paste a list of values to search in Rapid Search
  • Disabled Build View and Run in Rapid Search when no source is selected


  • Enhanced automated redaction to include EMS categories and selected entities

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Viewpoint 7.5 Release Notes


With this release, Everlaw has added the ability to view media and spreadsheets in the quick review window.

Image, Media, and Spreadsheets in Quick Review

Native image, audio, video, and spreadsheet files are now reviewable in Quick Review, allowing you to preview media files, page through them, and rate and code them without opening the review window.

Audio and video files are playable in Quick Review. The transcripts are also visible in Quick Review, and you can quickly jump forward or backward in the recording.

Spreadsheets can show or hide the grid, and cell contents can be force wrapped. Images and comments can be shown or hidden, and dependent redactions can be toggled. If a spreadsheet has multiple sheets, all the sheets will be visible in Quick Review as separate tabs.

Grouping, deduplication, and uploaded terms in Search API

Everlaw’s API continues to expand its support for robust and automated data reporting by adding grouping, deduplication, and uploaded search terms to its project search endpoint. You can also now leverage a number of “document” search terms like Bates/Control #, billable size, number of pages, has format, and type. Lastly, this feature supports new project-level endpoints providing information on a project’s Bates prefixes, processed uploads, and native uploads (datasets).

Automatically send quarterly reminders to all legal holds custodians

Everlaw now allows admins to set up reminder notices upon creation of the hold, so admins don’t have to remember to send these notices months after the initial setup. To set up a reminder notice for a new hold, simply create a new legal hold as before and walk through the legal hold creation wizard. A new step has been added to the wizard for setting up reminder notices, called the “Reminder settings” step.

Reminders will be sent every 3 months by default, but you can change the interval at which reminders are sent or choose not to send reminders at all. If desired, you can also choose to require custodian acknowledgement for every reminder.

Please note that reminders are different from automatic renotifications. Renotifications are sent shortly after the initial hold notice to custodians who have not yet acknowledged their legal holds. Reminders are sent to all custodians regardless of acknowledgement status. Reminders are generally sent quarterly or half-yearly.

You can also add a reminder notice to an existing hold. To do so, visit the acknowledgement table of the existing legal hold, then click on the three-dot menu at the top right of the page. The three-dot menu will contain the list item “Reminder settings.” Clicking on “Reminder settings” will take you to the same reminder settings page that exists in the legal hold creation wizard. The length of time before the reminder is sent will be calculated based on the initial send date of the hold, not the date that the reminder was created. Reminders will be tracked in the custodian acknowledgement table and activity log for the relevant legal hold, along with all other events.

Support for AWS Translate

Everlaw now supports AWS Translate in addition to Google Translate. Organization Admins and Project Admins can configure an organization’s or project’s translation provider, or disable translation entirely. This setting can be configured in Project Settings.

Project Admins can configure a project’s translation settings under Project Settings > General > Language Tools. Translation can be set to Google Translate (the platform default), AWS Translate, or No translation.


Relativity Server

Elite Discovery is excited to bring our clients the latest version of Server 2022.

Some of the updates and enhancements include:

  • Relativity Review now supports the ability to view on-the-fly search hits with the additional context of the preceding and following 100 characters of each hit within the Viewer. The contextual search drawer is on the right side of the main document view and can be opened and closed by clicking on the magnifying glass’ icon. Initially, the contextual search drawer is only supported in the native viewer but will also be supported in the text viewer in our next available Relativity Review update.
  • The new Relativity Review Interface is available. This can be enabled at an environment-level using the UseRelativityReviewInterface instance setting and enabled at the user-level using the Document Viewer user setting. Selecting “Relativity Review” or “Default” will enable the new Review Interface for users.
  • The Image mass operation now supports conversion of PDFs that are stored in Relativity into images for redactions. You can also convert those images back to stored PDFs if needed using the PDF mass operation.
  • Sample-based Learning has been deprecated. We recommend using Active Learning for TAR workflows, and Categorization for other TAR work not covered by Active Learning.

Enhancements to your recent Searches:

  • Searches now persist across viewer jump-ins for a user’s Relativity session from ad hoc list page search jump-ins, saved search jump-ins, and searches from the Viewer document searchbox
  • Searches in the Viewer document searchbox now require searches to be in the dtSearch syntax. Translating keyword syntax to dtSearch syntax is as simple as adding an asterisk to the end of your search term (ex, keyword syntax ‘sea’ –> dtSearch syntax ‘sea*”

Enhancements made to OCR:

  • When you copy an OCR set, every current setting besides the Status and OCR Results field in that set copies over.
  • A new Document Completion field to OCR Set now presents the count of documents completed in the OCR set, the number of documents with errors, and the number of documents left to have text assembled.
  • The completed OCR text in the Destination Field of the Document is now updated as the OCR Set is progressing, and not at the end of the job.

Enhancements made to the PDF features: 

  • The PDF profile now supports the following new options – comments and speaker notes for MS PowerPoint documents. These options are available when the user wants to download the resulting PDFs or stored them in Relativity for Review.
  • The PDF application was optimized to better handle concurrent jobs.
  • The PDF mass operation now supports conversion of native files into PDFs that can be reviewed in Relativity in a new PDF viewer. The new PDF viewer does not support applying redactions directly to the PDFs. Users can also use the PDF mass operation to delete those stored PDFs.
  • RDC supports searchable PDF file export (native documents converted to Searchable PDFs in RelativityOne, can now be exported to local drive). Feature was initially released to AUS market as part of Mayapple. but is now available globally.


CloudNine Review

This release includes security authentication, new types of reports, and time zone options.

User Report in Cloudnine

Latest product news:

  • A new security authentication has been added to help ensure ISO and SOC compliance for customers requiring needed peace of mind.
  • New reports are available for clients to track user counts
  • LAW and Explore Improved Email Threading
  • Now able to convert Concordance cases to CloudNine Review

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